Shade System

shade system

Exclusive Scent - Smooth Wooden Sense

Mixing the scent of flower and fruit with the fresh smell of green tea, the base note shows the wooden and mossy sense feels like the fresh sun light to release the great essence of nature.

60% of women color their hair and only 23% of those women use a color-reserved products to protect their investment. By following the right directions and using the correct color-protect products could just save your hair and money. Shade systems developed by the most advanced technology to offer the needed protection and repair. Mild formulation not only keeps the colors also nourishes at the same time, effectively protecting against the fading of colors.

Best for

- - Frequent-colored hair
- - Firstime-colored hair
- - Over-grooming hair

 Shade System Daily Shampoo

 1.Strengthen hair's weak shafts and help prevent color escape.
 2.Keeps color-reserved for extra long hours.


 Wet hair, lathers and rinse thoroughly. Repeat.
 - - 285ml / NAS01-M
 - - 850ml / NAS01-L

 Shade System Daily Conditioner

 1.Helps repair porous parts prone to color loss.
 2.Vitamin E & D-panthenol with nourishing elements.
 3.Conditioning agents help repair damaged areas.


Apply evenly on after-shampooed hair thoroughly , leave in hair for 3-minutes and rinse off.
- - 285ml / NAS02-M
- - 850ml / NAS02-L

 Shade System Daily Color Sparkler

 1.Quick spray after shampoo / before styling.
 2.Moist-enhancement & keep shine.
 3.Instant color-protection.


 Spray evenly on after-shampooed hair or before styling.
 - - 250ml / NAS06

 Shade System Daily 1step Treatment

 1.Best results of detangling , anti-static and manageability.
 2.Anti-frizz and roughness for color-treated hair.
 3.Antioxidant help keep color against harmful rays & free radicals.


 Apply evenly on after-shampooed hair or before styling.
 - - 150ml / NAS07

 Deep Shade Treatment

 1.Best for very damaged after-colored hair.
 2.Intensively concentrated to help repair porous hair that fades fast.


 1.Shampoo, rinse and towel dry hair.
 2.Work it into hair evenly and massage thoroughly from hair roots to ends.
 3.Leave for 2-3 minutes then put under steamer for 15-20 minutes.
 4.Rinse well and blow dry, style as usual.
 - - 600ml / NAS08