Exclusive Scent - Fresh Ocean Sense

Bergamot and Galbanum comprise sunny and ocean amour, fusion with Rose and Jasmine fragrance, end with wooden and musk fragrance, warm and attractive.

Nutri-booster is designed to give you what you need in order to reverse the effects of damaged hair and regain you hair's youthful bounce and alluring shine. To reverse below-mentioned damages you need fullranged hair repair. To see how to repair your hair at home, go and get Nutribooster series right now to restore and maintain healthy hair condition.

Best for

- - Frequent Chemically-treated
- - over-grooming
- - Over-processed
- - Nutrition imbalance
- - Commuters

 Nutri-Booster Daily Shampoo

 1.Vitamin-added formulation.
 2.Infuse nutrients to damaged shafts.
 3.Cell activation - restore lifeless hair back to health.


 Wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly, repeat as desired.
 - - 285ml / NAN01-M
 - - 850ml / NAN01-L

 Nutri-Booster Daily Conditioner

 1.Instant restoration of radiant and shiny touch.
 2.Lock moisture inside the shafts and leave it manageable.


 Apply evenly on after-shampooed hair thoroughly, leave in hair for 3 mins and rinse off.
 - - 285ml / NAN02-M
 - - 850ml / NAN02-L

 Nutri-Booster Daily 1 step Treatment

 1.Multi-vitamin and protein supplement.
 2.Instant restoration of splits and roughness.


 Apply evenly on after-shampooed hair for best results.
 - - 285ml / NAN03

 Nutri-Booster Aroma-Repair Treatment

 1.Bathe hair in aromatic therapeutic atmosphere.
 2.Amino-acids base nourish and add luster.
 3.Shine and manageability enhancement.


1.Shampoo, rinse and towel dry.
2.Mix Treatment 100ml and Essence well, apply evenly and massage from roots to ends.
3.Leave for 2-3 minutes then put under steamer for 15-20 minutes.
4.Rinse well and blow dry.
5.Style as usual.
- - 285ml / NAN04