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Exclusive Scent - Relaxation T-Tree Sense

Flower aroma with green leaf scent and white pomelo, like the tender scent of tangerine or pomelo peeling brings joy. First tone with the scent of flower and vanilla, middle tone natural grass, base tone - wooden and flower.

Scalp condition could get in the way of good appearance and impression. Proper maintenance of your scalp is a must-to-do step to look good. Coolfresh series is formulated to work to adjust the imbalance of the scalp. It deep cleanses the hair follicle, exclude out the harmful residues, adding nutrient elements to the shafts, and of course maintain the healthy keys of scalp.

Best for

- - Sparse and greasy hair
- - Oily scalp or dandruff problem
- - Tight scalp from heavy stress
- - Hair loss and scalp prevention
- - Outdoor workers

 Coolfresh Hair Purifier

 1.Tea tree extracts effectively control the bacteria growth.
 2.Multiple botanical elements to nourish and moisturize the fragile scalp.


 Apply evenly on clean scalp to form a natural film for protection.
 - - 200ml / NAC03

 Coolfresh Anti-dandruff Shampoo

 1.Relieves flaking and itching.
 2.Adding Zinc Pyrithione to enhance scalp cell and effectively solve dandruff problem.


 Wet hair, lathers and rinse thoroughly. Repeat.(Gently rinse hair with fingertips instead of fingernail scratch)
 - - 285ml / NAC02-M
 - - 850ml / NAC02-L

 Coolfresh Spa Exfoliater

 1.Gently remove aging cell.
 2.Jojoba Microbeads soften and deep cleanses follicle.


 1.Before shampoo, apply proper amount on scalp evenly.
2.Use finger tip to massage scalp for several minutes.
3.Wet the scalp with warm water to remove aging cells, use suitable shampoo.
 - - 30ml / NAC01